Popular Themes

If you're thinking of organising a fancy dress party, but are stuck for what theme to hang it all on, then don't worry. Here at The Party Warehouse we can help!

Why not take a look at our popular themes and take inspiration from those costumes that are favourites among all our customers? And whether you are planning a party for kids or just adults only, it doesn't matter; we've got something for all age groups.

Maybe you want to focus your party theme on a particular era. No problem. Take a look at our costumes from any of the decades starting in the 1920s, through the 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and right up to the 1990s. It could be that you invite flappers, rockers, Mods, hippies or New Romantics. We cater for them all.

Thinking about a Hollywood or movie-themed party? That's not a problem. How about a Star Wars party? Star Wars is now thrilling a whole new generation of cinema-goers all over again. Take a look at all our Star Wars costumes - and may the Force Be With You.

The Party Warehouse can help you with parties themed on Toy Story, the Wizard of Oz, Star Trek or Disney.

We have all kinds of uniforms, from nurses and doctors to cops and robbers. You can have a clown-themed party. How about a Western theme - cowboys and cowgirls? Or something spooky for a Halloween party? Or get festive with a Santa costume for your Christmas fancy dress party.

Whatever takes your fancy, here at the Party Warehouse we've got everything in our popular themes you could think of at a price that you will love.

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