Group Fancy Dress

Fancy dress is just so much more fun when it's done with your best friends, and at The Party Warehouse, we make it easy to coordinate your outfits for a fun hen night, stag do, pub crawl, or any special occasion. We have dozens of ideas for group fancy dress, with themes to suit all sorts of special nights out, whether you want to go for scary, retro, or themed group costumes.

If you're trying to think of ideas for group costumes, browsing the range on The Party Warehouse website is sure to give you inspiration. You could choose fancy dress costumes based on your favourite films or TV shows, such as Batman, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, or The Muppets, with lots of adult sizes available. Or you might want to theme your group costumes around a decade, with lots of costumes and accessories available based on retro fashion from the 1920s to the 1990s.

Picking a theme and letting people choose their own costume is often the easiest way to organise group fancy dress, and you could go for looks such as doctors and nurses, army, gangsters, or sailors. With a wide selection of costumes available on The Party Warehouse site, it's easy for people to order their costumes, and on the night you'll all look coordinated.

It's not just adults who love group fancy dress; kids will also enjoy dressing up with their friends. Our range includes costumes from Star Wars, High School Musical, and The Wizard of Oz, meaning they'll have loads of fun playing their favourite characters, or you could pick a theme like pirates or the Wild West, giving them endless options for different looks.


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  1. Batman Costume

    Starting at £46.99

    Batman Costume
  2. Batman Deluxe Costume

    Starting at £49.99

    Batman Deluxe Costume
  3. Batman Riddler Costume

    Starting at £52.99

    Batman Riddler Costume
  4. Black Crayola Costume

    Starting at £29.99

    Black Crayola Costume
  5. Comic Strip Suit

    Starting at £49.99

    Comic Strip Suit
  6. Disney Woody Costume

    Starting at £59.99

    Disney Woody Costume
  7. Ghostbusters Costume

    Starting at £49.99

    Ghostbusters Costume
  8. Grease Pink Lady Jacket

    Starting at £17.99

    Grease Pink Lady Jacket
  9. Moustache Suit

    Starting at £49.99

    Moustache Suit
  10. Muppets Animal Costume

    Starting at £54.99

    Muppets Animal Costume
  11. Muppets Kermit Costume

    Starting at £59.99

    Muppets Kermit Costume
  12. Sequin Dorothy Costume

    Starting at £59.99

    Sequin Dorothy Costume
  13. Shamrock Suit

    Starting at £49.99

    Shamrock Suit
  14. Teen Skeleton Suit

    Starting at £49.99

    Teen Skeleton Suit
  15. Toy Story Jessie Costume

    Starting at £46.99

    Toy Story Jessie Costume
  16. Wally Wenda Costume

    Starting at £38.99

    Wally Wenda Costume
  17. Where's Wally Costume

    Starting at £36.99

    Where's Wally Costume

29 Items

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