Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes

The modern festival of Halloween comes from the ancient Celtic ritual of Samhain. Samhain marked the boundary between the plentiful summer months and the dark winter months; the ancient Celts believed that spirits could walk the Earth on this day and would light bonfires and wear elaborate costumes in a bid to ward off the wandering ghosts. Today, Halloween is a more secular affair and we celebrate it with parties or by trick-or-treating - we still don spooky costumes, though!

At The Party Warehouse, we sell Halloween fancy dress costumes for kids and adults alike. Our outfits are sure to send a chill down your spine and liven up even the deadest Halloween party. We offer a variety of creepy costumes, morph suits and masks. Unleash your savage side with a zombie costume, become a suave monster with a sophisticated vampire outfit or rise from the grave as a bandage-wrapped mummy. We even have costumes based on terrifying characters from films, such as our Hannibal costume (based on Hannibal Lector, the soft-spoken and unsettling cannibal from The Silence of the Lambs).

We take our role as Halloween party suppliers scarily seriously; that’s why we source all our costumes from the manufacturers in order to guarantee that they are of high enough quality for our customers. But don’t worry: our prices are also incredibly low. In fact, they’re so low that it’s a little bit spooky!

If you need to look frightening this Halloween, we at The Party Warehouse can help you. Have a look at our great range of costumes today!


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  1. 2nd Skin Tuxedo Costume

    Starting at £36.99

    2nd Skin Tuxedo Costume
  2. Adult Annabelle Costume

    Starting at £47.99

    Adult Annabelle Costume
  3. Adult Chucky Costume

    Starting at £59.99

    Adult Chucky Costume
  4. Black hooded cape 180cm

    Starting at £16.99

    Black hooded cape 180cm
  5. Comic Strip Suit

    Starting at £49.99

    Comic Strip Suit
  6. Cosmic cutie Costume

    Starting at £7.99

    Cosmic cutie Costume
  7. Deadshot Costume

    Starting at £59.99

    Deadshot Costume
  8. Deluxe Wolverine Costume

    Starting at £49.99

    Deluxe Wolverine Costume
  9. Facelift Morphsuit

    Starting at £59.99

    Facelift Morphsuit
  10. Ghost Rider Costume

    Starting at £34.99

    Ghost Rider Costume
  11. Hannibal Costume

    Starting at £44.99

    Hannibal Costume
  12. Kids Apple White Costume

    Starting at £27.99

    Kids Apple White Costume
  13. Kids Crazy Clown Costume

    Starting at £21.99

    Kids Crazy Clown Costume

Items 1-32 of 98

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