Decade Costumes

You don't need a time machine to visit a different decade thanks to The Party Warehouse's huge selection of nostalgia-inducing costumes from across time.

There's a reason that decade costumes are fun, especially if you lived in that decade. Ever wondered what it was like to be a hippy? Ever thought you'd make a good mod? Well, thanks to our top quality, affordable decade costumes, now you can!

With a variety of outfits ranging from the 20s onwards, The Party Warehouse is proud to present an array of costumes to suit any theme. Got a Gatsby party coming up at work? Then why not try our Fiery Flapper Costume? Got a 70s themed disco on the horizon? Then why not go for the 70s Rainbow Hippie Costume? Whatever the theme and whatever the decade, we're sure we have you covered.

Catering to both adults and children, The Party Warehouse is 24-hour online store which you can browse seven days a week. We only sell top quality products and our prices are affordable so that you can ensure you make a splash at every event without breaking the bank. We also offer a wide range of shipping and delivery options so that, whatever decade the party is in, your costume will arrive on time.

So what are you waiting for? Take your pick from our huge range of costumes and fancy dress outfits and you could be reliving the good old days in no time at all! Enjoy the party!


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  1. 1940s Lady Naval Officer

    Starting at £29.99

    1940s Lady Naval Officer
  2. 1950's Pink Day Dress

    Starting at £29.99

    1950's Pink Day Dress
  3. 1960's CND Costume

    Starting at £29.99

    1960's CND Costume
  4. 1960's Mod Jacket

    Starting at £28.99

    1960's Mod Jacket
  5. 1960's Tie Die Dress

    Starting at £26.99

    1960's Tie Die Dress
  6. 70's Pop Legend Costume

    Starting at £37.99

    70's Pop Legend Costume
  7. 70's Rainbow Hippie

    Starting at £32.99

    70's Rainbow Hippie
  8. 80's Fashion Shell Suit

    Starting at £36.99

    80's Fashion Shell Suit
  9. 80's Pop Starlet Costume

    Starting at £32.99

    80's Pop Starlet Costume
  10. Black Flapper Dress

    Starting at £21.99

    Black Flapper Dress
  11. Celebrity Costume

    Starting at £18.99

    Celebrity Costume
  12. Dazzle Flapper Costume

    Starting at £37.99

    Dazzle Flapper Costume
  13. Gold Flapper Costume

    Starting at £36.99

    Gold Flapper Costume
  14. Grease Pink Lady Jacket

    Starting at £19.99

    Grease Pink Lady Jacket
  15. Hippie Chick Costume

    Starting at £54.99

    Hippie Chick Costume
  16. Hippie Fringed Top

    Starting at £11.99

    Hippie Fringed Top
  17. Purple Flapper Costume

    Starting at £19.99

    Purple Flapper Costume
  18. T-Bird Grease Costume

    Starting at £37.99

    T-Bird Grease Costume
  19. Vintage Hippy Costume

    Starting at £39.99

    Vintage Hippy Costume

22 Items

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