Getting ready to celebrate another year of wedded bliss? Whether it's your first anniversary or your 50th, The Party Warehouse has everything you need for throwing a beautiful party - and we have sets of decorations especially for those of you celebrating your silver, gold or ruby anniversaries.

Marking a special anniversary of a marriage is a tradition that dates back to the Holy Roman Empire, where husbands would give their wives silver wreaths on their 25th and golden wreaths on their 50th. The echoes of these ceremonies can still be seen today and we have reflected them by offering silver, gold and ruby coloured decorations and invitations for each of the appropriate years. Why not honour the silver theme throughout your 25th anniversary party with matching silver invitations, hanging decorations, banners and even napkins?

For those of you celebrating a different anniversary or who don't want to follow the traditional themes, The Party Warehouse has you covered, too! We have a range of "Happy Anniversary" banners in a range of different colours.

Traditionally a time to reflect on the years that have passed since the wedding and celebrate the enduring love between the couple, what better way to mark the occasion than sharing your special day with the family and friends closest to you by throwing a party? Sit back with your spouse, reflect on another year of joy and raise a glass to many more to come. Happy anniversary!

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