Sexy Fancy Dress

Fancy dress is often a bit risky and it's a perfectly acceptable way to flash some skin. If you're looking for a cheeky fancy dress outfit, there are plenty of options. Sexy Halloween costumes include sexy witches, lady pirate costumes, a cat woman outfit or a range of other 'Hammer Horror' film type costumes, such as an alluring countess like you'd find in a vampire film.

If you're looking for sexy fancy dress, then look no further than The Party Warehouse. We offer a broad range of adult fancy dress costumes such as fantasy costumes for a pop diva, or professional-style adult dress-up like sexy nurse or schoolgirl costumes. Don't be shy! Try dressing as your alter ego for a special adult fancy dress party. Our range of sexy female dressing up uniforms includes flight attendant or fire fighter. You'll also find unusual sexy fancy dress options, such as a sensuous spanish senorita or cowgirl, perhaps for a 4th of July party. We also stock a naughty leprechaun outfit for a St Patrick's day celebration.

All our costumes also work as a promotional outfit for your event. Many customers find they are a great way to publicise their business at an event, particularly if you work in the entertainment industry. They are a great way to liven up events such as bar nights or fundraisers and they certainly draw the eye! If you're after sexy fancy dress, you won't find a broader range of options than those on show at The Party Warehouse.


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  1. Blue Flirty Sailor

    Starting at £29.99

    Blue Flirty Sailor
  2. Flight Attendant Costume

    Starting at £21.99

    Flight Attendant Costume
  3. Navy Girl Costume

    Starting at £44.99

    Navy Girl Costume
  4. Sexy Countess Costume

    Starting at £37.50

    Sexy Countess Costume
  5. Sexy Cowgirl Costume

    Starting at £15.99

    Sexy Cowgirl Costume
  6. Sexy Senorita Costume

    Starting at £43.99

    Sexy Senorita Costume
  7. Sexy Shooter Costume

    Starting at £36.99

    Sexy Shooter Costume
  8. Sexy Witch Costume

    Starting at £42.99

    Sexy Witch Costume
  9. You Sexy Feline Costume

    Starting at £34.99

    You Sexy Feline Costume

12 Items

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