Other Party Supplies

Other Party Supplies

At The Party Warehouse we have a huge selection of costumes, party supplies, and decorations on our site. If you want to plan a fun and memorable event, then we have many other party supplies that you may have not even considered before, offering plenty of inspiration for a unique and exciting party.

If you want to add an unusual party activity, then take a look at our pinatas, with both traditional donkeys or bulls and more modern designs available. These are great for both kids' and adults' parties, and are a fun group activity where everyone can win sweet treats or prizes. We also have pull string pinatas, which are often safer for kids' parties.

To add some sparkle to your occasion, we offer a wide range of confetti and other party supplies that make your venue beautiful. You can sprinkle it on tables, or throw it at the guest of honour on their arrival, providing a cheap, colourful way to brighten up a room. Our selection of national flags are great for hanging on the walls at themed sports parties, or for events held by expats, and we have a huge number of banners and bunting to liven up any room.

It's easy to forget certain items when planning a party, but our extensive range means you'll be able to find everything you need and have it delivered quickly. From plastic champagne flutes, to shimmer curtains, party boxes, fun string, and other party supplies, we make party planning so much simpler.

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