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Rapunzel Tangled

Rapunzel Tangled

Tangled has been one of Disney Pixar's most popular releases of recent years. Following the escapades of the dashing Flynn Rider as he tries to rescue Rapunzel the lost princess, its heartwarming message and catchy songs have made Tangled a firm favourite among girls and boys alike. Feisty Rapunzel is not your average Disney princess, either. Bold, courageous and a dab hand with a frying pan, she is a heroine with attitude and little girls love her for it! If your little one has requested a Tangled-themed birthday party, we at The Party Warehouse have everything you need to make it a celebration to remember!

Don't let your party guests get in a twist! Let them know they've arrived at the right place with our Tangled banner. Five feet in length and featuring Rapunzel and a "Happy Birthday" greeting, this banner can easily be hung from walls and doors and is bound to get your party off to a flying start. It will make every party room look fabulous!

It's time to let your hair down! Prepare a party feast to remember with our Tangled-themed party food accessories, including paper napkins, adorned with a pretty flower design and featuring Rapunzel's spectacular palace. Strong and absorbent, they are perfect for setting out food, mopping up spillages and sending home slices of birthday cake. Our paper cups feature Rapunzel in her crowning glory and are sturdy and washable, meaning you can use them again and again. Your little princes and princesses are bound to love them!

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