Hollywood & TV Costumes

Who’s your favourite TV or film character? Your answers could range from the indefatigable Mrs Brown to the king that was Elvis. Maybe Michael Jackson fashioned your growing up years, or Scooby Doo was the one you remember most from your childhood?

These are just a few of more than fifty amazing Hollywood & TV fancy dress costume choices available at The Party Warehouse for amazing value. Whether for an office party, or to celebrate a special birthday, these fit the bill in so many ways. They also make great choices for promotional events and the like.

Who else might you choose? If you are bold enough, there’s a Borat mankini, although perhaps not for that office event where the senior bosses would be present! Mind you, one of them might wear it! If you remember the amazing Beetlejuice from way back in 1988, he can live again, thanks to our superb fancy dress costume.

How many of us have childhood memories of the Teletubbies? You can be Tinky Winky and the rest. Or you could choose Timmy Mallet, Disney’s Woody or Jessie from Toy Story, or perhaps even turn Edward Scissorhands into Edwina! You can bring them all to life at your next fancy dress party.

Then there’s Sandy – just look at the costume and you'll know who we mean. Superheroes and villains, from Batgirl to The Joker are also available. There’s Wolverine at one end of the scale and Prince Charming at the other.

Whichever Hollywood or TV memory you want to evoke at your party or event, you'll likely find a stunning costume among our so many terrific Party Warehouse choices.


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  1. Adult Spiderman Costume

    Starting at £47.99

    Adult Spiderman Costume
  2. Bart Simpson Costume

    Starting at £54.99

    Bart Simpson Costume
  3. Batgirl Costume

    Starting at £42.99

    Batgirl Costume
  4. Betty Boop Costume

    Starting at £42.99

    Betty Boop Costume
  5. Bollywood Star Costume

    Starting at £39.99

    Bollywood Star Costume
  6. Borat Mankini

    Starting at £13.99

    Borat Mankini
  7. Dedward Costume

    Starting at £29.99

    Dedward Costume
  8. Disney Woody Costume

    Starting at £59.99

    Disney Woody Costume
  9. Evil Madame Costume

    Starting at £29.99

    Evil Madame Costume
  10. Factory Worker Costume

    Starting at £27.99

    Factory Worker Costume
  11. Grease Pink Lady Jacket

    Starting at £17.99

    Grease Pink Lady Jacket
  12. Lady Eliza Costume

    Starting at £49.99

    Lady Eliza Costume
  13. Naval Officer Costume

    Starting at £29.99

    Naval Officer Costume
  14. Pop Starlet Costume

    Starting at £29.99

    Pop Starlet Costume
  15. Sandy Costume

    Starting at £29.99

    Sandy Costume
  16. Scooby Doo Fred Costume

    Starting at £37.99

    Scooby Doo Fred Costume
  17. T-Bird Grease Costume

    Starting at £37.99

    T-Bird Grease Costume
  18. Toy Story Jessie Costume

    Starting at £46.99

    Toy Story Jessie Costume
  19. White Elvis Costume

    Starting at £49.99

    White Elvis Costume

30 Items

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