Toddler Costumes

They’re at that wonderful age when you just want any and every excuse to dress them up in super cute outfits, and here at the Party Warehouse we have a fantastic selection of fancy dress costumes for toddlers. Now they’re more mobile it seems they're always on the go, and everywhere you take them they’re sure to be the centre of attention - so what better time to introduce your little one to the fun of fancy dress than with one of our fabulous toddler costumes?

Our wonderfully soft Vanilla Bunny outfit, including jumpsuit and headpiece, is utterly adorable and is suitable for babies of six to 12 or 12 to 18 months old. We also have cute and easy to wear Winnie the Pooh and Tigger outfits, so you can dress them up as everyone’s favourite cartoon characters from Hundred Acre Wood!

For little girls we have a fabulous pink Supergirl costume, complete with dress, cape, belt and boot tops, so she can transform herself into a superheroine for the day! Or why not sprinkle a little magic with our toddler angel costume, which includes a gorgeous set of wings and halo, or our shimmering, deluxe Sofia costume?

We even have the phenomenally popular Very Hungry Caterpillar, a costume which is perfect for both boys and girls who are fans of the fantastic, best-selling picture book!

With the Party Warehouse’s fantastic choice of adorable costumes for toddlers, we’re sure you’ll find any excuse (or none!) to dress them up and show them off!


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  1. Kids Deluxe Sofia Costume
    Kids Deluxe Sofia Costume

    Starting at £23.99

    Includes Dress and Tiara. Learn More
  2. Kids Pink Wabbit Costume
    Kids Pink Wabbit Costume

    Starting at £23.99

    Includes jumpsuit, headpeice and carrot rattle. Learn More
  3. Kids Vanilla Bunny Costume
    Kids Vanilla Bunny Costume

    Starting at £23.99

    Includes Jumpsuit with Headpiece. Learn More
  4. Kids Very Hungry Caterpillar Costume
    Includes tunic and headpiece with antenna. Learn More
  5. Kids Winnie The Pooh Costume
    Kids Winnie The Pooh Costume

    Starting at £16.99

    Includes Jumpsuit and Headpiece. Learn More
  6. Toddler Angel Costume
    Toddler Angel Costume

    Starting at £13.99

    Includes Dress, Wings, Halo and Glovelets. Learn More
  7. Toddler Superman Costume
    Toddler Superman Costume

    Starting at £19.99

    Includes Jumpsuit and Cape. Learn More

7 Items

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