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  • How to out-creep your friends this Halloween...

    Yes, it's that time of year again; Halloween is almost here.

    So you've already received your party invite and everyone is getting excited about what they're going to wear, but if you're one of those struggling for inspiration don't fret; you're in the right place. We've got some positively ghoulish suggestions that will make sure your costume is the highlight of any Halloween party...

    First up is a true nightmare vision; imagine the horror of seeing the 'undead' appear before your eyes. Now imagine that the zombies are coming after you in the form of someone usually so trusted: the Lollipop Lady ( - it doesn't even bear thinking about, does it?

    Fresh from dealing out some debatable forms of justice in 'Suicide Squad', it's everybody's favourite bad girl Harley Quinn. Complete with Harley's signature multi-coloured hair, you can bring the Joker's female friend to life with our spooktacular costume (

    It wouldn't really be Halloween without Chucky, would it? Well, as luck would have it, we've re-created the demonic doll and brought him back to life with our Chucky adult costume. Complete with a knife, dungarees and that iconic face and hair, this is one costume that's sure to creep out your fellow party guests (

    Give party-goers the fright of their lives with our Zombie Morphsuit (! With terrifying and eye-catching details, this Morphsuit is sure to give everyone a serious case of the chills. It also has the added benefit of not restricting you too much so you can bust out a move when someone inevitably starts to play 'Thriller'.

    How about this one for a Halloween trick? It's our ventriloquist dummy costume ( Don't be fooled by the snazzy suit, this dummy is anything but nice. In fact, he's become so fed up of people continually putting words in his mouth that he's decided to come to life in order to hunt humans down for sport. We told you he wasn't nice.

    Don't forget, you can browse our entire collection of Halloween costumes ( where you'll find everything from zombie basketball players to sinister clowns and much more - all of which are sure to go down a treat among your friends.

  • Two by two: couples costume ideas for you and your partner

    When you're in a relationship, what better way is there to rock up at a party than to be matching in an awesome couple's costume? It may be hard to come up with creative ideas that you both can agree on at first, but there are plenty of ways to go about it with the help of Party Warehouse. All of the costumes mentioned are linked to at the bottom of this blog so you and your partner can find your perfect fancy dress costume.

    For the more romantic couples, you can go with a traditional Disney couple. Beauty and the Beast is a great way to go with this, with both recognisable man and recognisable woman costumes. Or you might want to stick to the Disney theme, but just with a goofier twist. What better way to do this than with Mr and Mrs Potato Head?

    If you don't want to go too couple-y with your costumes, but want to match in theme, there's the option of going with a traditional duo such as Woody and Buzz Lightyear. You could both be superheros by going as crime-fighting duo Batman and Robin, or unlikely lovers Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog.

    Dress as a pair from your favourite movie, like Mr Incredible and Elastigirl, or Alice in Wonderland and the Mad Hatter, to show the whole party what you like watching together.

    Alternatively, you might be looking for something more general, like a cop and a robber, or a pair from the same era like a 1920s gangster and flapper girl. These options can also be found on the Party Warehouse website for a relatively low cost.

    There's something for everyone when it comes to adult fancy dress costumes and you can easily coordinate your outfits as a couple!



    Mr Potato Head:

    Mrs Potato Head:


    Buzz Lightyear:



    Miss Piggy:

    Kermit the Frog:

    Mr Incredible:


    Alice in Wonderland:

    Mad Hatter:




    Flapper girl:

  • Bring on the chills: super creepy Halloween costumes

    For many, Halloween is the event of the year. It’s the perfect time for all the family to participate in the ancient Celtic ritual of Samhain, although these days, we celebrate in pure party fashion with fancy dress, halloween costumes and by crafting gruesome looking pumpkins. It’s a fun time and one that can be spent with friends and family.

    There is a long tradition of celebrating Halloween. It was the one time of the year where spirits could walk the Earth and people lit bonfires and dressed elaborately so as to protect themselves and ward off the unwanted attention of ghosts. In the last 20 years or so, Halloween festivities have changed and grown almost beyond recognition. Initially, children dressed up for trick or treat, but now parents join in the fun, embracing the unique atmosphere of this celebration and telling ghostly stories by candlelight.

    Creating your own costumes may be difficult and time-consuming and, if you really want to compete with others by dressing the best, then The Party Warehouse has the solution:

    Halloween Costumes

    Children's costumes: Children love to dress up and participate in all of the fun of Halloween and you can find a wide variety of costumes including a traditional Wendy the Witch costume for girls ( and a scary Mad Hatter Vampire costume to keep the ghouls at bay for boys.( The choice is extensive, but rest assured there's something for every child!

    Women’s costumes: It’s always more difficult to find exciting and inventive Halloween costumes for adults, but there is a wonderful selection of costumes for those women who want to embrace ghostly traditions. Choose from the Countess Nocturna costume ( to the Miss Chucky costume ( or even the Zombie Schoolgirl costume. (

    Men’s costumes: The Party Warehouse has come up with some fantastic and creative costume designs for men too. Choose from the Ventriloquist Dummy costume (, guaranteed to terrify all those around you, The Zombie High Priest costume ( or, go one step further and choose the terrifyingly scary Clown Morphsuit costume (

    Accessories: If you don’t want to throw yourself completely into the fancy dress spirit, you can still impress friends and family by choosing Halloween accessories. There are so many Halloween costumes and accessories to choose from, including vampire teeth, zombie masks, devil horns or even black neon skeleton tights. Start planning your Halloween party now, so that you really stand out from the crowd.

  • Dressing as Disney: the perfect party theme

    Fancy dress parties are great fun, for both adults and children alike. Coming up with a theme that suits both younger and older audiences, though, can be tricky.

    If your party guests are a mix of ages, why not consider opting for a Disney theme this year?

    The magic of Walt Disney has graced our screens for years and years, and is known and loved by both kids and adults. Theming an entire party around his cartoon films is simple: have the movies playing to keep younger ones entertained, play music from soundtracks, choose food that features in the films (Lady and the Tramp spaghetti and meatballs, anyone?) and then - of course - there's the costumes.

    The beauty of picking a Disney theme is that there are a wealth of characters to dress up as, no matter what your tastes are. Here are a few ideas.

    For little princesses...

    Most little girls love the chance to dress up as princesses - and bigger girls do too! Whether it's Jasmine (, Sofia ( or Belle (, children can live out their dreams - and there are plenty of princess costumes for adults too.

    For couples...

    A Disney theme works perfectly for couples who want to synchronise their costumes. How about Mr Potato Head ( and Mrs Potato Head (, or Beauty ( and the Beast (

    For little heroes...

    The boys shouldn't feel left out - Disney films feature a huge number of strong male characters who will appeal to children. Acting as the swashbuckling Jack Sparrow ( or going "to infinity and beyond!" as Buzz Lightyear ( is sure to appeal - or why not let them stay young forever as Peter Pan (

    For the tiniest of children...

    Nothing gets people smiling more than toddlers in fancy dress at their parents' parties! There are plenty of jumpsuit-based Disney outfits that mean you can get even the smallest of children involved, and dressing them as the likes of Tigger ( or Winnie the Pooh ( will also make for some great photo opportunities.

    There's "a whole new world" of options out there when it comes to Disney fancy dress parties!

  • Festival fancy dress

    The music festival season is upon us, and nowadays that means that fancy dress is almost obligatory. Many UK music festivals actually request that you dress up on one particular day of the event, with some even suggesting a specific theme each year for your fancy dress costumes.

    Of course, not all festivals stipulate dressing up as part of the deal, but a lot of festival-goers still opt to do it anyway. Seeing everyone wandering round in character all adds to the weird and wonderful landscape of any music festival, and helps everyone to let their hair down properly.

    With that in mind, we've got some music-related adult costume dress for you to choose from for your next music festival outing. With our range of outfits from through the ages, you can even pick your favourite musical era for inspiration.


    Our 50s costumes ( have a big rock'n'roll vibe, channeling Grease and, of course, the timeless musical legend, Elvis.


    Would you have been a mod in the 60s? Or would you have been a psychedelic hippy? Now you can choose, when you check out our 60s section to find the style vibe that best suits your musical tastes (


    Be a dancing queen or a rocket man from the era of disco, Abba and prog. There's so much musical history to choose from in our 70s inspired costume collection (


    Possibly the most fun era for pop star fancy dress, you could be anything from a classic Michael Jackson, George Michael, or Tina Turner to a classic rocker, a punk or a Madonna-inspired pop princess. See our 80s collection for all this and more (


    Skater chic was all the rage with pop stars in the 90s, so you can get kitted out with some big baggy trousers or a full-on Prodigy outfit from our 90s collection (

    Of course there are so many other options to choose from, so take a look at our full range of adult costumes for either an individual look or a group costume idea for you and your festival buddies.

  • Get your geek on with a high-quality adult costume

    Geek culture has dominated mainstream media in recent years, particularly when it comes to film. Star Wars and Star Trek have both been reinvigorated with major cinematic releases. Meanwhile, much-beloved comic book icons including Superman and Batman have been given their own high-budget film franchises. With this level of cultural exposure, it’s hardly surprising that so many people have fallen in love with all things ‘geek’… including the costumes!

    Increasingly high numbers of people seek out sci-fi and superhero costumes for their fancy dress parties, and who can blame them? The escapism associated with the science fiction and superhero genres makes them ideal for themed costume parties.

    However, finding accurate, high-quality costumes isn’t always easy. If you want to indulge in a sci-fi or superhero-themed fancy dress outfit, it’s important to find a well-made one with the correct details. After all, for true sci-fi and superhero geeks, accuracy and faithfulness to the source material are vitally important. However, the smaller, subtler details of a fancy dress outfit can also turn it into a genuinely amazing costume that fully evokes the character it is designed to portray.

    Here at The Party Warehouse, we strive to ensure that all our costumes are high-quality, detailed and true to their source material. We currently offer Star Trek costumes (, Star Wars costumes ( and a full range of superhero outfits (

    You might be looking for a superlative reproduction of the Superman costume from ‘Man of Steel’ ( or an outfit that evokes everyone’s favourite sci-fi villain, Darth Vader ( Either way, we’ve got you covered.

    It can be hard to pull off the ‘geek chic’ look, particularly at a fancy dress party. You need to balance the accuracy and quality of your costume against its price. Luckily, we can help. Our costumes aren’t just gorgeously-designed, they’re also very affordable. We understand how important detail and quality can be for our adult costumes, especially when those costumes evoke geek culture icons. Take a look at the pages we’ve linked to in today’s blog entry and see for yourself. We promise that you’ll find something that suits you for a fair and reasonable price.

  • Costume parties? You're better off together

    Getting dressed up for a themed party can be great fun, but choosing a costume, and making sure that you stand out while also fitting in can make things more complicated. Going as part of a group, or dressing as a couple with your date can be a fun way to make sure that you look great, feel great, and fit right in. Just be sure that your costumes are linked to the theme of the party, however loosely!

    Pick a movie, any movie

    If you have a movie you and your friends love, a group costume should be a no-brainer! Going with the girls? How about channelling the Pink Ladies for an evening? Do you and your friends turn back into children when you get together? Try dressing as the four Teletubbies, and you’re sure to draw the right kind of attention. We also have a selection of Star Wars costumes, although we can’t condone mass lightsaber fights, fun as they may be.

    Fun for all the family

    Dressing up as a family can also be a fun option, and makes for excellent photos. Our Toy Story range is sure to delight fans of all ages – mums and dads make excellent Mr and Mrs Potato Heads, while kids will love dressing up as Buzz Lightyear, Woody and Jessie. Our family-friendly Wizard of Oz costumes are show stoppers, with gorgeous outfits for Dorothy and Glinda, and convincing attire for the Scarecrow and Cowardly Lion.

    Couples’ costumes

    Whether you’ve been married for years, or you're on your first date, a couples’ costume can be a lot of fun. Get funky and funny, and attend your next fancy dress party as the 118 118 guys, or consider going as Kermit and Miss Piggy. Whether you decide to wear matching outfits, or get dressed up as a couple from your favourite book or movie, it’s sure to be a night worth remembering.

    Our group fancy dress page is sure to inspire you if you’re still not sure what to wear – our costumes range from fun, to flirty, to downright dapper.

  • 3 awesome themed party ideas

    You might associate themed parties with your childhood, but themed parties can be great fun for an adult celebration too, and it's likely that it'll be a night to remember. Encourage your friends to get dressed up and get in the spirit of it; be silly and enjoy yourself. Here are some of our favourite themed party ideas.

    1. 70s party

    It's a classic but that's because it's a good one! Start playing all your favourite 70s tunes and don your favourite garish glad rags. Think flares, flowers and sunglasses. We have some excellent costumes for you, like our 70s Rainbow Hippie costume. Whip up a bowl of punch and go to town on the 70s party favourites. If there was ever a time to make prawn cocktail, now is it!

    2. Wild West

    If you have never been to a barn dance, this could be your chance to make it happen. The country tunes will have everybody up and dancing and there's nothing like a line dance to get to know your neighbours. Even the most reluctant costumed guest will be able to muster the enthusiasm to unleash their inner cowboy or cowgirl.

    We have different Wild West costumes to suit everybody. You can choose from the Wild West Cowboy Kit or pick yourself up a Wild West Poncho. Don't forget the kids either, whether they want to go as rodeo cowgirls or dress up as the finest sheriff in town.

    3. Film characters

    This is the party for all those Hollywood lovers out there. You can pick the music of your favourite movie soundtrack to dance the night away to. Liven things up with a quiz based on movie trivia or movie style charades. Costume wise, this gives your guests tons of flexibility. Perhaps they will want to dress up as the Beetlejuice Woman or maybe go Grease style with our 1950s Pink Day Dress. For the men, we've got all your favourite superheroes, including Batman, and also the Muppets for a bit of extra fun. For a scary film twist, how about dressing up as Hannibal?

  • The evocative power of fancy dress

    Fancy dress costumes are whimsical and charming, but they can also be powerful and evocative. In fact, a well-organised fancy dress party has the power to transport you to a different time and place. Many of the costumes we sell here at The Party Warehouse are based on fantastical themes (for example, we sell both Superhero-themed fancy dress costumes and pirate-themed costumes). Others are based on specific TV programmes or films (such as our Star Trek and Wizard of Oz costumes). These allow you to step into the worlds depicted in your favourite shows and movies. However, the costumes that truly allow you to inhabit another place and time are those with a subtle grounding in reality. That’s why we offer such an extensive range of costumes based on culturally-significant decades.

    You might choose to don one of our 1920s-themed costumes ( and become part of a glamorous, dangerous world inhabited by gangsters, Gatsby-esque idlers and elegant flappers. Alternatively, you might like to slip into something from our range of 1960s-themed costumes ( and visit an uninhibited, psychedelic world of hippies, rock ‘n’ roll and free love. Of course, if you’re just feeling nostalgic for the golden age of disco, you can always return to it with one of our 1970s-themed costumes (

    Each decade in our shared history has been defined by certain trends, styles and attitudes. The cultural difference between decades is so great that they often feel like completely separate worlds. Fancy dress costumes and parties allow you to visit these worlds, even though they seem remote from us. Fancy dress costumes can often seem slightly magical, simply because they allow us to sample places and eras that aren’t part of our day-to-day lives.

    If you’re planning on hosting a fancy dress party, why not theme it around one of the fascinating decades or eras that helped to shape our culture? You might be surprised by how effectively a themed fancy dress party can transport you back in time. What’s more, you’re certain to find plenty of suitable costumes on our site. Start planning your party and buy yours today!

  • Celebrate your communion in style

    If you’ve got a child who’s celebrating their first Holy Communion, then it sounds to us like you’ve got a great excuse for a party! It’s a brilliant way to bring friends and family together to celebrate an important event in your little one’s life – and make your child feel pretty special in the process!

    For an occasion like this you’re likely to be catering for as many adults as you are children, if not more, so make sure your food isn’t too child friendly – opt for things like pizza and sausage rolls that anyone can enjoy rather than too many novelty snacks.

    You might want to steer clear of any foods that are too brightly coloured – wotsit dust or ketchup on your kiddo’s special outfit could really put a damper on the day! Failing that, make sure you have a change of clothes on hand in case your child can’t wait to play outside or wants to change into something it’s easier to run about in.

    Whether you’re celebrating a boy's ( or a girl’s ( first Holy Communion, we’ve got loads of lovely decorations and supplies in pink and blue to help you create a girly theme or a more boyish feel throughout your whole party.

    Blue and pink plates, napkins and banners will make sure no-one forgets it’s your little one’s special day – and they’ll feel like a real little prince or princess. Have a joint party for all of your child's friends who are receiving their first Holy Communion to ensure it's an occasion they never forget.

    You could decorate your party venue with cute photos of your child’s christening, or if you’re celebrating more than one child's special day, play a game where guests can guess which baby at their christening matches up to which of the children celebrating their first Holy Communion.

    Check out our full range of fancy dress as well as a brilliant selection of party supplies for all occasions, from christenings to communions and everything in between.

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