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Fancy Dress

some news on the latest trends in fancy dress
  • 4 things you need for a perfectly spooky Halloween

    October is here: there’s a cool breeze in the air and the ground is wreathed in seasonal mists. Trees have started to shed their leaves and the days are getting shorter. In short, it’s almost time to celebrate Halloween. The most delightfully frightening festival of the year is nearly here, but how can you ensure that your Halloween experience is suitably spooky?

    Whether you’re planning on throwing a party or just taking your kids trick or treating, here are four things you need to really get into the spirit of Halloween:

    1. A costume

    No matter how you spend your Halloween, it's important to dress up for the occasion. Halloween is the only time of year that you can unleash your ghoulish side or indulge in a strange, otherworldly persona using a costume.

    Traditional Halloween costumes are usually ghostly or monstrous, like our Gothic Manor Vampire costume. However, you might also want to consider more modern costume. Some modern Halloween costumes even turn you into a character from a movie - how about a whimsical yet macabre Edward Scissorhands costume?

    2. Decorations

    This Halloween, we suggest making your house as spooky as you are. Surrounding yourself with high-quality Halloween decorations can help you really enter into the spirit of the holiday. Of course, if you’re hosting a Halloween party, decorations can also turn your home into the perfect venue for your guests to enjoy Halloween, too.

    3. Accessories

    A few simple finishing touches can elevate your costume or your Halloween decorations from ‘good’ to ‘great’. Subtle additions, like make-up for a costume that's more believable, really make a huge difference.

    4. A jack-o-lantern

    It might seem clichéd, but carving a jack-o-lantern from a pumpkin is a Halloween tradition that can help get you into the right frame of mind to enjoy the holiday. Placing them around your house, especially outside the front door, is the perfect way to set the atmosphere for any Halloween celebrations you might be hosting.

    Here at The Party Warehouse, we pride ourselves on our wide range of Halloween essentials, so start browsing our products today or contact us for more details.

  • Back to the wild west! Your guide to a cowboy party.

    Almost everyone, it seems, has a soft spot for cowboys. Whether people grew up listening to tales about Billy the Kid or watching the films of John Wayne, cowboys, with their unique look and attitude, manage to make an impression on every generation. That’s why you can’t go wrong with transporting your guests back to the wild west for your next fancy dress party.

    This guide is here to show you how your cowboy bash can go off with a real bang:

    The men

    Of course, there needs to be a fair few cowboys knocking around the party. Luckily, there are more than enough costumes to make sure that everyone on the guest list can get dressed up in some way. This <a href="">men’s get-up</a> will no doubt be especially popular, as it includes a waistcoat and chaps. However, others can simply wear <a href="">a hat</a> if they're self conscious or on a budget, yet still want to feel included in the fun.

    The women

    It’s perfectly fine for female guests to don <a href="">a cowgirl costume</a> and shout ‘yeehaw’ at the top of their lungs. For something sexier with a little pizzazz, women can dress up in <a href="">burlesque dancer costumes</a> that would have been worn in the saloons to entertain.

    The decorations

    The majority of guests might be able to use their imaginations once they have got a plastic pistol in their hand and a hat on their head. However, it can’t hurt to push others in the right direction when it comes to setting the scene. You can get your hands on a whole manner of cowboy-themed decorations, for example, <a href=""wall hanging kits</a>. It will create the illusion that your guests are stepping into a traditional saloon when they first enter your party.

    Have a ‘wild’ time

    A cowboy party should come together with very little hassle, thanks to the large variety of costumes for people to wear. To buy fancy dress or decorations for your bash, check out the exciting range available at the Party Warehouse.

  • Why a 1920s party is the perfect theme

    Whatever the occasion you’re throwing a party for, a 1920s theme is the perfect way to get your guests feeling glam and embracing a fantastic range of fancy dress. Whether it’s an engagement party, a corporate work event (the theme will work perfectly for employees and clients) or a New Year’s Eve party, there are so many occasions a 1920s party is the perfect way to celebrate. When it comes to costumes, it’s a great opportunity for your guests to get dressed up, trying out hairstyles, make up and accessories typical of the time. Below we’ve listed out our top tips for hosting the perfect 1920s party.

    Get into the theme

    First things first you need to be thinking all things glamour, and a great way to get into the theme is to watch the Great Gatsby. Think decadent chandeliers, overflowing glasses of champagne and debauchery and you’re on the right lines. To kick off the design of your party, try picking a colour scheme that everything else can follow on from. For Gatsby, black and gold or white and silver are great colour schemes to work with, as they're so classic of the era. Think glitz and glam to decorate your venue, from the walls to the plates and even the glasses you use.


    Traditionally associated with the 1920s are speakeasies, which were secret pubs and bars where illegal alcohol could be consumed. Transform your party venue into a speakeasy by sending each guest a secret code word that they have to utter to gain entry to your party. Offer light hors d'oeuvres as traditional speakeasy bar snacks for your guests to enjoy throughout the night. Food could include olives, blinis, mixed nuts, and cheese and cracker platters.

    For your drinks, you’ll want to offer a wide selection which would have been typical of those renowned 1920s' party nights to keep your guests entertained. Champagne (or cheaper sparkling wine such as prosecco) is a must. Gin fizz, Planter’s Punch – a speakeasy rum classic – Moonshine and Absinthe were also popular drinks of the time!

    For all your adult 1920s fancy dress costumes and accessories, visit our full range [], including outfits and extras such as cigarette holders, toy guns, plus wigs to bring your whole look to life.

  • Stag do sorted! Five ideas for stag night costumes

    If you're currently planning a stag do, remember that it's not all about the activities you choose - outfits for the stag and his party also need to be taken into consideration. While some choose personalised t-shirts and others opt for full-on smart dress, there's no denying that fancy dress costumes are the norm for a lot of stag nights, often chosen to cause the maximum possible embarrassment to the groom to be.

    The problem is, there's a huge amount of choice out how do you decide? To make it easier for you, we've pulled together a list of our top five ideas for stag do costumes for the groom to be.

    1. Dress in drag

    What could be more entertaining than dressing the groom up as a woman? It could be a simple case of putting him in a dress and buying him a novelty wig [], or you could choose a costume designed for men dressing as women: how about a busty Bavarian beer seller [], a "wild girl" costume complete with fake breasts [] or even a Mrs Brown costume []?

    2. Go skin tight

    Morph suits, or body suits, are all the rage for stag dos: skin-tight outfits that certainly make a big impression! Go for a plain option that covers the entire body [], or choose a dressier look with a tuxedo-styled option [].

    3. Go retro

    Why not relive the past with a 70s night out? A cheesy retro disco, old-school drinks and a 70s retro costume [] make for an entertaining evening - and great photos!

    4. 118 118

    A slightly random choice, but we love stag dos where every guest looks the same...and a 118 118 running man costume [] allows you to do just that. Probably best left to the summer months, though!

    5. Go risque

    Depending on the personalities of those who are invited, the smutty route could be a good one to take. Obviously, if you go too risque you run the risk of not being let into a lot of something like a flasher costume [] could work. Keep the coat pulled tight when needed, and flash to your heart's content when it's safe!

    Whatever you choose, fancy dress is an amazing choice for a stag do...the hard part is choosing which option to go for!

  • Fancy dress accessories make all the difference

    Are you searching for fancy dress costume ideas? Perhaps you've been invited to a fancy dress themed party? If so, then it's really important that you also team your ideal fancy dress costume with inspirational and eye catching fancy dress accessories. Choosing those accessories will make all the difference and really make you feel the part!

    Tights, pull-ups and socks

    When creating adult fancy dress costumes and those perfect outfits for children, tights and socks always play a central part. Just think about the green tights that an Elf wears, or those wonderful, striped tights of Pippi Longstocking. Tights, socks and pull-ups really do finish an outfit.

    Hair extensions and wigs

    Part of the fun in dressing up is doing your hair and makeup. Changing your hair can really make a huge difference to your overall outfit. Hair extensions and wigs are a fun and easy way to change your hair colour and style, without the cost and damage to your hair. Choose neon hair extensions for that 80s themed party, a granny bun and even judge's wig!

    The Wild West

    Accessories really do make the ultimate cowboy themed fancy dress costume. Every cowboy (or cowgirl) needs a gun, so it's good to stock up on a range of toy pistols, water pistols, garter pistols and cowboy hats for both adults and children.

    Pirate set

    Who doesn't love dressing up as a pirate? Today, pirate themed parties are more popular than ever before, thanks to the popularity of Captain Jack Sparrow. For the ultimate pirate look, choose from our range of eye patches, pirate headscarves and cutlasses. All you will then need is the toy parrot.

    Fangs, cape and fake blood

    Are you planning on dressing as Dracula? Perhaps you will be attending a Halloween themed party and want to get into the spirit of things? If so, then we sell a range of vampire and ghostly accessories including fangs, capes, masks, and fake blood pellets.

    To learn more about our range of fancy dress accessories for both adult and children's costumes, then please do browse the accessories section of our website.

  • Your guide to a princess party for adults

    The majority of little girls grow up with dreams of marrying a prince and becoming a princess. However, adults know that they don’t have to say ‘I do’ to feel like royalty. Instead, they can simply throw a princess party!

    The theme is ideal for hen parties and girls’ nights in because it’s playful and so easy to bring to life. If you’ve set your sights on such a magical soiree, here are four things you’ll need to pull it off.

    1. Fancy dress

    It’s nice to feel like a princess – but it’s even better to look like one! If you’re struggling with ideas, you only have to look as far as Disney. Amongst the costumes to choose from are those made famous by Belle from Beauty and the Beast , Cinderella and even Elsa from Frozen. You and your guests will truly be spoilt for choice!

    2. Supplies

    The supplies should be colourful and light-hearted. For instance, these princess plates aren’t just practical to eat off and cut out the washing up afterwards, they also feature images of Ariel from The Little Mermaid, Rapunzel from Tangled and Belle from Beauty and the Beast. These could easily be teamed with a similar table cover to really set the scene and hammer home the magical theme.

    3. Decorations

    Princesses usually have personalities that are big and bold. Therefore, you should strive for the same qualities when choosing your decorations. You can get hold of bright door banners featuring all of your favourite faces from Disney, as well as a variety of pink and purple balloons to really cap things off.

    4. Music

    Princesses really do love singing, don’t they? Make sure that you’ve got all their hits on hand to instigate a good old fashioned sing-along during your bash. Everyone will be belting out the words to Elsa’s ‘Let It Go’ and Princess Jasmine’s ‘A Whole New World’ if you can get hold of the music.

    Have fun!

    Princess parties couldn’t be simpler to bring to life. To get the ball rolling with your bash, check out all the amazing items for sale at the Party Warehouse. All of your plans should fall into place from there!

  • Follow the yellow brick road to your perfect party!

    The Wizard of Oz - a much-loved family favourite and a perfect party theme! From invitations and decorations to games and, of course, the all-important costumes, we think the Wizard of Oz is one of the best party themes ever. It’s fun for the whole family, and with costumes perfect for guys and girls, adults and children (and even opportunities to involve your pets), it’s a great way to encourage everyone to get in the spirit and join in the party fun! Below we’ve listed our top tips to help you throw a perfect Wizard of Oz party to delight all your friends and family.


    Use the magical yellow brick road - ask your guests to read 'down the road’ to the Emerald City to find out the details of where your party is. Imagery you could use can include the bricks of the road, the stunning bright green gates of the Emerald City or the beloved characters from the film, including the Tin Man and Toto the dog!


    Set up huge print outs of the flying monkeys and play pin the tail on the monkey, blindfolding your guests and asking them to guess with a pinned tail where the animal is on the wall. You could also run a quiz, rewarding the winners with a request granted by the ‘Wizard’, which could be a treat such as ice-cream or cake, or a drink!


    The most important part of throwing the perfect Wizard of Oz party is, of course, the costumes you and your guests wear on the night. You could take centre stage as Dorothy in her famous blue and white gingham dress and red sparkly shoes, making sure to bring a basket and a toy (or real) Toto dog. You could opt to be the Tin Man, the Lion or the Scarecrow and practise your perfect voice-overs to bring the characters to life on the night!

    You can shop our full collection of Wizard of Oz fancy dress costumes here.

  • Which fancy dress costumes work best when it's hot?

    So, you've been invited to a fancy dress party. Awesome! However, there's just one problem: it's absolutely boiling outside. This is definitely not the time for unleashing the Batman outfit; you need something that's cool in both senses of the word. Here are our ideal summer fancy dress picks:

    The Borat mankini

    Now, there's no denying this is a brave option to go for! However, if you want to feel the breeze, it's hard to argue against this one. If there's one thing you're not in danger of when rocking the mankini, it's overheating!


    If you're down with strutting your stuff, the Elvis costume could well be the perfect choice. It's open at the chest, so there's plenty of room for the air to get in, and it's almost totally white, so it'll reflect the sun. Combine this with a good pair of shades and you've got everything you'll need to stay cool. (Again, in both senses of the word!)

    Betty Boop

    A classic costume that everyone at the party will recognise, our Betty Boop costume is a cute red strapless dress that's short enough to keep you cool during those toastier summer days. Even the wig is relatively short. It's not hard to see why this costume remains so popular.


    Another great costume for the warmer months. It's a pretty green dress that's cut quite high, and the two thin straps hold it up. Bare shoulders, bare legs, and perfect for the garden! Oh, and don't worry about people working out who you're dressed as: the wand and the wings will give them all the clues they need.


    Another Disney classic, and another costume made for hot weather. The thin layers of cotton make the perfect cooling outfit. After all, Native Americans knew how to deal with the sun! If you want a dress that isn't too short but still keeps you ventilated, this is definitely a great option.

    Get in touch today

    At The Party Warehouse, we stock a range of costumes perfect for almost every occasion. Our prices are highly competitive and we offer next day tracked delivery on everything. If you'd like to know more, give us a call today and we'll be happy to help.

  • Shiver me timbers! Your guide to throwing a pirate-themed party

    Don’t spend your summer dreaming about sailing the seven seas. After all, you can hold a perfectly good pirate party on dry land instead. The theme is one that should capture the imagination of all your guests as you transport them to your make-believe ship. If you want your bash to have people roaring with laughter rather than making you walk the plank, here are four ways to pull it off.

    Send invitations

    Forget about sending an impersonal text message or dropping a boring email to tell your guests about the party. Instead, push the boat out with red pirate party invitations ( The invites will let people know that you are serious about the theme, while also getting your friends and family excited about what’s on the horizon.

    Suggest fancy dress

    It wouldn’t be a party unless there’s a crew of pirates walking around, would it? That’s why you should encourage all your guests to channel their inner-Captain Blackbeard by slipping into a fun fancy dress costume. There are fantastic get-ups available for both men and women, including a handful of flirty numbers that are perfect for the fairer sex (


    Of course, it would be ideal if your guests were just bursting with imagination when they arrive at the bash. However, you can always push them in the right direction with some cleverly chosen decorations to set the scene. There are plenty of items that will accomplish this, however, skull balloons ( should really help people stay in the moment until the party is done and dusted.


    The majority of people will be aware that pirates tended to drink rum on their travels. That said, there’s no reason for you to splash out on booze for everyone to drink. Instead, you can do your part by supplying pirate cups ( for your guests to sip their own alcohol out of.

    Shiver me timbers!

    You’ll be glad to know that a pirate-themed party takes very little effort, yet still provides many happy memories. To throw such a party this summer, you can get the ball rolling by picking up all these items (and more) at The Party Warehouse.

  • Aloha! How to throw the perfect Hawaiian party

    Hawaii is fondly thought of as one of the most exotic places in the entire world. It’s an island associated with sun, sea, sand and a broad range of tropical traditions. With that in mind, it really does make for an amazing party theme if done right. Anyone thinking of throwing a Hawaiian-themed bash has a huge range of fancy dress and decoration options at their disposal. Here are just a few that will ensure the night goes off with a bang!


    You can get the ball rolling by sending your guests some Hawaiian-themed invites ( These colourful invites are sure to let guests know there is a special night on the horizon as they are invited to a luau.


    There is a world of decorations that can set the scene. Amongst the most popular options include table skirts ( To continue the effect from room to room, you can also choose a floral door curtain ( for guests to walk through when they first arrive.


    Let’s be honest, you can’t throw a Hawaiian party without leis. In fact, you can probably expect the majority of your guests to turn up wearing these garlands. However, if you want to prepare leis for your guests you can bulk buy a box of 144 ( to make sure that nobody has to go without. After all, parties are best when everyone is in costume and this way no one will have an excuse!

    The little touches

    If you want to go above and beyond, then you will want to focus on the smaller details as much as possible. Your guests will probably be expecting you to be armed with leis, so why not incorporate a talking point they won't have thought of? You can inject some extra fun into the evening with playful products like inflatable parrots ( These are great fun and will remind your guests that you have gone the extra mile to transport them to Hawaii.

    Enjoy the luau!

    Don’t forget, you can pick up all these goodies (and much, much more) right here! Party Warehouse stocks an affordable variety of costumes and decorations for all occasions.

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