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Holidays are's Nativity time!

The festive season is well on the way, and with it comes hot chocolates, sparkly lights and of course the school nativity play. There can be a lot more to organise for your child than you realise and making sure they're all set for their play is important. To help, we've compiled a list of things you need, to make sure you're ready to jingle all the way!

1. The perfect costume

From Mary and Joseph to Kings and Shepherds; whatever role your child has landed they'll need the right costume to really get them in character. Nativity costumes ( can be a lot of fun to choose, and with donkeys, sheep and even stars often taking to the stage there'll be giggles for everyone.

2. Don't forget the accessories

A costume is one thing, but it's the accessories that really add some authenticity to the overall look. Angels need harps (, for example, Kings need a crown ( and shepherds need...well...sheep! ( The little touches make a huge a difference, so consider any accessories that may be needed.

3. A touch of humour

The Nativity is a beautiful story that never loses its magic, no matter how many years pass. Modern adaptations often add a hint of comedy, to enhance the enjoyment of the storytelling. If your child is playing the role of the Inn Keeper, a Shepherd or a King, consider a fake beard or moustache; this little touch will add warm-hearted humour amongst the children and their parents.

4. Join in the fun

If you're a teacher or assistant at the school, or even just an enthusiastic parent, then joining in with the fancy dress fun is a great way to connect with the children and the festive spirit. Adult costumes come in a variety of themes, with perfect Christmas options available ( too!

Be sure to purchase your children's costumes in advance as many schools will run dress rehearsals in the lead up to the main event. If you're looking for kids' costumes, then visit The Party Warehouse ( today, to see our amazing range and order your costume today. Please don't hesitate to contact us ( if you need any help or further information.

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