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Back to the wild west! Your guide to a cowboy party.

Almost everyone, it seems, has a soft spot for cowboys. Whether people grew up listening to tales about Billy the Kid or watching the films of John Wayne, cowboys, with their unique look and attitude, manage to make an impression on every generation. That’s why you can’t go wrong with transporting your guests back to the wild west for your next fancy dress party.

This guide is here to show you how your cowboy bash can go off with a real bang:

The men

Of course, there needs to be a fair few cowboys knocking around the party. Luckily, there are more than enough costumes to make sure that everyone on the guest list can get dressed up in some way. This <a href="">men’s get-up</a> will no doubt be especially popular, as it includes a waistcoat and chaps. However, others can simply wear <a href="">a hat</a> if they're self conscious or on a budget, yet still want to feel included in the fun.

The women

It’s perfectly fine for female guests to don <a href="">a cowgirl costume</a> and shout ‘yeehaw’ at the top of their lungs. For something sexier with a little pizzazz, women can dress up in <a href="">burlesque dancer costumes</a> that would have been worn in the saloons to entertain.

The decorations

The majority of guests might be able to use their imaginations once they have got a plastic pistol in their hand and a hat on their head. However, it can’t hurt to push others in the right direction when it comes to setting the scene. You can get your hands on a whole manner of cowboy-themed decorations, for example, <a href=""wall hanging kits</a>. It will create the illusion that your guests are stepping into a traditional saloon when they first enter your party.

Have a ‘wild’ time

A cowboy party should come together with very little hassle, thanks to the large variety of costumes for people to wear. To buy fancy dress or decorations for your bash, check out the exciting range available at the Party Warehouse.

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