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Why a 1920s party is the perfect theme

Whatever the occasion you’re throwing a party for, a 1920s theme is the perfect way to get your guests feeling glam and embracing a fantastic range of fancy dress. Whether it’s an engagement party, a corporate work event (the theme will work perfectly for employees and clients) or a New Year’s Eve party, there are so many occasions a 1920s party is the perfect way to celebrate. When it comes to costumes, it’s a great opportunity for your guests to get dressed up, trying out hairstyles, make up and accessories typical of the time. Below we’ve listed out our top tips for hosting the perfect 1920s party.

Get into the theme

First things first you need to be thinking all things glamour, and a great way to get into the theme is to watch the Great Gatsby. Think decadent chandeliers, overflowing glasses of champagne and debauchery and you’re on the right lines. To kick off the design of your party, try picking a colour scheme that everything else can follow on from. For Gatsby, black and gold or white and silver are great colour schemes to work with, as they're so classic of the era. Think glitz and glam to decorate your venue, from the walls to the plates and even the glasses you use.


Traditionally associated with the 1920s are speakeasies, which were secret pubs and bars where illegal alcohol could be consumed. Transform your party venue into a speakeasy by sending each guest a secret code word that they have to utter to gain entry to your party. Offer light hors d'oeuvres as traditional speakeasy bar snacks for your guests to enjoy throughout the night. Food could include olives, blinis, mixed nuts, and cheese and cracker platters.

For your drinks, you’ll want to offer a wide selection which would have been typical of those renowned 1920s' party nights to keep your guests entertained. Champagne (or cheaper sparkling wine such as prosecco) is a must. Gin fizz, Planter’s Punch – a speakeasy rum classic – Moonshine and Absinthe were also popular drinks of the time!

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