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Stag do sorted! Five ideas for stag night costumes

If you're currently planning a stag do, remember that it's not all about the activities you choose - outfits for the stag and his party also need to be taken into consideration. While some choose personalised t-shirts and others opt for full-on smart dress, there's no denying that fancy dress costumes are the norm for a lot of stag nights, often chosen to cause the maximum possible embarrassment to the groom to be.

The problem is, there's a huge amount of choice out how do you decide? To make it easier for you, we've pulled together a list of our top five ideas for stag do costumes for the groom to be.

1. Dress in drag

What could be more entertaining than dressing the groom up as a woman? It could be a simple case of putting him in a dress and buying him a novelty wig [], or you could choose a costume designed for men dressing as women: how about a busty Bavarian beer seller [], a "wild girl" costume complete with fake breasts [] or even a Mrs Brown costume []?

2. Go skin tight

Morph suits, or body suits, are all the rage for stag dos: skin-tight outfits that certainly make a big impression! Go for a plain option that covers the entire body [], or choose a dressier look with a tuxedo-styled option [].

3. Go retro

Why not relive the past with a 70s night out? A cheesy retro disco, old-school drinks and a 70s retro costume [] make for an entertaining evening - and great photos!

4. 118 118

A slightly random choice, but we love stag dos where every guest looks the same...and a 118 118 running man costume [] allows you to do just that. Probably best left to the summer months, though!

5. Go risque

Depending on the personalities of those who are invited, the smutty route could be a good one to take. Obviously, if you go too risque you run the risk of not being let into a lot of something like a flasher costume [] could work. Keep the coat pulled tight when needed, and flash to your heart's content when it's safe!

Whatever you choose, fancy dress is an amazing choice for a stag do...the hard part is choosing which option to go for!

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