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Fancy dress accessories make all the difference

Are you searching for fancy dress costume ideas? Perhaps you've been invited to a fancy dress themed party? If so, then it's really important that you also team your ideal fancy dress costume with inspirational and eye catching fancy dress accessories. Choosing those accessories will make all the difference and really make you feel the part!

Tights, pull-ups and socks

When creating adult fancy dress costumes and those perfect outfits for children, tights and socks always play a central part. Just think about the green tights that an Elf wears, or those wonderful, striped tights of Pippi Longstocking. Tights, socks and pull-ups really do finish an outfit.

Hair extensions and wigs

Part of the fun in dressing up is doing your hair and makeup. Changing your hair can really make a huge difference to your overall outfit. Hair extensions and wigs are a fun and easy way to change your hair colour and style, without the cost and damage to your hair. Choose neon hair extensions for that 80s themed party, a granny bun and even judge's wig!

The Wild West

Accessories really do make the ultimate cowboy themed fancy dress costume. Every cowboy (or cowgirl) needs a gun, so it's good to stock up on a range of toy pistols, water pistols, garter pistols and cowboy hats for both adults and children.

Pirate set

Who doesn't love dressing up as a pirate? Today, pirate themed parties are more popular than ever before, thanks to the popularity of Captain Jack Sparrow. For the ultimate pirate look, choose from our range of eye patches, pirate headscarves and cutlasses. All you will then need is the toy parrot.

Fangs, cape and fake blood

Are you planning on dressing as Dracula? Perhaps you will be attending a Halloween themed party and want to get into the spirit of things? If so, then we sell a range of vampire and ghostly accessories including fangs, capes, masks, and fake blood pellets.

To learn more about our range of fancy dress accessories for both adult and children's costumes, then please do browse the accessories section of our website.

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