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Follow the yellow brick road to your perfect party!

The Wizard of Oz - a much-loved family favourite and a perfect party theme! From invitations and decorations to games and, of course, the all-important costumes, we think the Wizard of Oz is one of the best party themes ever. It’s fun for the whole family, and with costumes perfect for guys and girls, adults and children (and even opportunities to involve your pets), it’s a great way to encourage everyone to get in the spirit and join in the party fun! Below we’ve listed our top tips to help you throw a perfect Wizard of Oz party to delight all your friends and family.


Use the magical yellow brick road - ask your guests to read 'down the road’ to the Emerald City to find out the details of where your party is. Imagery you could use can include the bricks of the road, the stunning bright green gates of the Emerald City or the beloved characters from the film, including the Tin Man and Toto the dog!


Set up huge print outs of the flying monkeys and play pin the tail on the monkey, blindfolding your guests and asking them to guess with a pinned tail where the animal is on the wall. You could also run a quiz, rewarding the winners with a request granted by the ‘Wizard’, which could be a treat such as ice-cream or cake, or a drink!


The most important part of throwing the perfect Wizard of Oz party is, of course, the costumes you and your guests wear on the night. You could take centre stage as Dorothy in her famous blue and white gingham dress and red sparkly shoes, making sure to bring a basket and a toy (or real) Toto dog. You could opt to be the Tin Man, the Lion or the Scarecrow and practise your perfect voice-overs to bring the characters to life on the night!

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