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Which fancy dress costumes work best when it's hot?

So, you've been invited to a fancy dress party. Awesome! However, there's just one problem: it's absolutely boiling outside. This is definitely not the time for unleashing the Batman outfit; you need something that's cool in both senses of the word. Here are our ideal summer fancy dress picks:

The Borat mankini

Now, there's no denying this is a brave option to go for! However, if you want to feel the breeze, it's hard to argue against this one. If there's one thing you're not in danger of when rocking the mankini, it's overheating!


If you're down with strutting your stuff, the Elvis costume could well be the perfect choice. It's open at the chest, so there's plenty of room for the air to get in, and it's almost totally white, so it'll reflect the sun. Combine this with a good pair of shades and you've got everything you'll need to stay cool. (Again, in both senses of the word!)

Betty Boop

A classic costume that everyone at the party will recognise, our Betty Boop costume is a cute red strapless dress that's short enough to keep you cool during those toastier summer days. Even the wig is relatively short. It's not hard to see why this costume remains so popular.


Another great costume for the warmer months. It's a pretty green dress that's cut quite high, and the two thin straps hold it up. Bare shoulders, bare legs, and perfect for the garden! Oh, and don't worry about people working out who you're dressed as: the wand and the wings will give them all the clues they need.


Another Disney classic, and another costume made for hot weather. The thin layers of cotton make the perfect cooling outfit. After all, Native Americans knew how to deal with the sun! If you want a dress that isn't too short but still keeps you ventilated, this is definitely a great option.

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