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Monthly Archives: June 2017

  • How to get your 80s groove on

    Everyone loves the 80s, and what’s not to like? Big hair, bigger shoulder pads, neon, lycra, and all things embarrassing. It’s the perfect theme for every fancy dress party, and you need no excuse to go back to the glory days and invite your friends and family to shame themselves alongside you. If you’re ready to let go of your inhibitions, paint your lips - and the town - red, and have a good time, here’s how to get your groove on…

    1. The hair

    When you think of the bright and brilliant 80s, one of the first things that springs to mind is the hairstyles. Male or female, big was in vogue, and tightly curled, spiralling perms were the order of the day. This means that our boogie babe wigs are just what every lady is looking for, whilst our eighties tennis player look has the gents covered. Don your new hairstyle for the night and get ready to dance.

    2. The outfit

    The 80s were the era of Madonna, Boy George, and other madcap pop stars, whilst the less famous among us enjoyed wearing neon shell suits, punk rock leather and tartan combos, or brightly coloured tutus, depending upon our particular style leanings. Luckily for you, we have plenty of outfits to choose from. Pair bright pink skirts with fishnets, add some braces, and get ready to let your hair down, or take your style inspiration from Beetlejuice and rock a pinstripe suit. The 80s was all about having fun, and a big smile is an essential part of your outfit.

    3. The footwear

    The 80s wouldn’t have been complete without some truly outrageous footwear, so have a dig around in your closet and see what you can find. Everything from clogs to boat shoes made the cut, with Doc Martins, penny loafers, jelly shoes, and Converse being all the rage.

    Pair the look with some blue mascara, yellow eye shadow, and any hue of eye liner (we’re talking to the gents as well) to complete your fabulous ensemble. Be bold, be bight, and be a little bit balmy, and you’ll have captured the essence of the era to perfection.

  • Aloha! How to throw the perfect Hawaiian party

    Hawaii is fondly thought of as one of the most exotic places in the entire world. It’s an island associated with sun, sea, sand and a broad range of tropical traditions. With that in mind, it really does make for an amazing party theme if done right. Anyone thinking of throwing a Hawaiian-themed bash has a huge range of fancy dress and decoration options at their disposal. Here are just a few that will ensure the night goes off with a bang!


    You can get the ball rolling by sending your guests some Hawaiian-themed invites ( These colourful invites are sure to let guests know there is a special night on the horizon as they are invited to a luau.


    There is a world of decorations that can set the scene. Amongst the most popular options include table skirts ( To continue the effect from room to room, you can also choose a floral door curtain ( for guests to walk through when they first arrive.


    Let’s be honest, you can’t throw a Hawaiian party without leis. In fact, you can probably expect the majority of your guests to turn up wearing these garlands. However, if you want to prepare leis for your guests you can bulk buy a box of 144 ( to make sure that nobody has to go without. After all, parties are best when everyone is in costume and this way no one will have an excuse!

    The little touches

    If you want to go above and beyond, then you will want to focus on the smaller details as much as possible. Your guests will probably be expecting you to be armed with leis, so why not incorporate a talking point they won't have thought of? You can inject some extra fun into the evening with playful products like inflatable parrots ( These are great fun and will remind your guests that you have gone the extra mile to transport them to Hawaii.

    Enjoy the luau!

    Don’t forget, you can pick up all these goodies (and much, much more) right here! Party Warehouse stocks an affordable variety of costumes and decorations for all occasions.

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