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It’s time to strike with a superhero party

Is there anything more fun than a superhero party? Probably not. Dressing up as larger-than-life characters is exciting for everyone involved – and there’s an abundance of costumes on hand for both men and women. If you’re the host, it’s your responsibility to point people in the direction of the best fancy dress, as well as arrange for a few playful extras to be available for the bash. With that in mind, here’s a handy little starter guide to making your superhero party a success.

Men’s costumes

You’ll often find that your male guests won’t need any encouragement choosing a costume. But just in case they do, we've got everything from Spiderman outfits ( to Superman costumes ( and even Darth Vader (! They’ll love it!

Women’s costumes

When it comes to your female guests, they’ll likely have their eye on two get-ups. The first is Wonder Woman ( This costume isn’t just a classic, it’s also a bit sexy. The second option is Supergirl (, a number which will surely give the men a run for their money when it comes to best dressed.

Double acts

Is there a more iconic double act than Batman ( and his sidekick Robin ( These deluxe get-ups include padding to provide a muscle-bound illusion that's irresistible!

The weapons

Sometimes a fight is just inevitable when you put two superheroes in the same room. Instead of watching your guests throw fake punches, how about arming them with some silly string ( It’s a good way for two people to clash without actually getting physical.

The food

Don’t worry about trying to bake treats in the shape of superheroes. Instead, just serve up the grub on these Batman party plates ( This should ensure that the theme continues even when your guests are chowing down.


You’ll have to pay some attention to the décor if you want to go above and beyond. These Spiderman balloons ( should do the trick while not actually taking up too much of your time.

Have a super time!

Superhero parties are more popular than ever these days – and they’re also very simple to put together. For more suitable goodies and costumes, browse our site.

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