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Bring on the chills: super creepy Halloween costumes

For many, Halloween is the event of the year. It’s the perfect time for all the family to participate in the ancient Celtic ritual of Samhain, although these days, we celebrate in pure party fashion with fancy dress, halloween costumes and by crafting gruesome looking pumpkins. It’s a fun time and one that can be spent with friends and family.

There is a long tradition of celebrating Halloween. It was the one time of the year where spirits could walk the Earth and people lit bonfires and dressed elaborately so as to protect themselves and ward off the unwanted attention of ghosts. In the last 20 years or so, Halloween festivities have changed and grown almost beyond recognition. Initially, children dressed up for trick or treat, but now parents join in the fun, embracing the unique atmosphere of this celebration and telling ghostly stories by candlelight.

Creating your own costumes may be difficult and time-consuming and, if you really want to compete with others by dressing the best, then The Party Warehouse has the solution:

Halloween Costumes

Children's costumes: Children love to dress up and participate in all of the fun of Halloween and you can find a wide variety of costumes including a traditional Wendy the Witch costume for girls ( and a scary Mad Hatter Vampire costume to keep the ghouls at bay for boys.( The choice is extensive, but rest assured there's something for every child!

Women’s costumes: It’s always more difficult to find exciting and inventive Halloween costumes for adults, but there is a wonderful selection of costumes for those women who want to embrace ghostly traditions. Choose from the Countess Nocturna costume ( to the Miss Chucky costume ( or even the Zombie Schoolgirl costume. (

Men’s costumes: The Party Warehouse has come up with some fantastic and creative costume designs for men too. Choose from the Ventriloquist Dummy costume (, guaranteed to terrify all those around you, The Zombie High Priest costume ( or, go one step further and choose the terrifyingly scary Clown Morphsuit costume (

Accessories: If you don’t want to throw yourself completely into the fancy dress spirit, you can still impress friends and family by choosing Halloween accessories. There are so many Halloween costumes and accessories to choose from, including vampire teeth, zombie masks, devil horns or even black neon skeleton tights. Start planning your Halloween party now, so that you really stand out from the crowd.

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