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Festival fancy dress

The music festival season is upon us, and nowadays that means that fancy dress is almost obligatory. Many UK music festivals actually request that you dress up on one particular day of the event, with some even suggesting a specific theme each year for your fancy dress costumes.

Of course, not all festivals stipulate dressing up as part of the deal, but a lot of festival-goers still opt to do it anyway. Seeing everyone wandering round in character all adds to the weird and wonderful landscape of any music festival, and helps everyone to let their hair down properly.

With that in mind, we've got some music-related adult costume dress for you to choose from for your next music festival outing. With our range of outfits from through the ages, you can even pick your favourite musical era for inspiration.


Our 50s costumes ( have a big rock'n'roll vibe, channeling Grease and, of course, the timeless musical legend, Elvis.


Would you have been a mod in the 60s? Or would you have been a psychedelic hippy? Now you can choose, when you check out our 60s section to find the style vibe that best suits your musical tastes (


Be a dancing queen or a rocket man from the era of disco, Abba and prog. There's so much musical history to choose from in our 70s inspired costume collection (


Possibly the most fun era for pop star fancy dress, you could be anything from a classic Michael Jackson, George Michael, or Tina Turner to a classic rocker, a punk or a Madonna-inspired pop princess. See our 80s collection for all this and more (


Skater chic was all the rage with pop stars in the 90s, so you can get kitted out with some big baggy trousers or a full-on Prodigy outfit from our 90s collection (

Of course there are so many other options to choose from, so take a look at our full range of adult costumes for either an individual look or a group costume idea for you and your festival buddies.

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