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Monthly Archives: July 2016

  • Get your geek on with a high-quality adult costume

    Geek culture has dominated mainstream media in recent years, particularly when it comes to film. Star Wars and Star Trek have both been reinvigorated with major cinematic releases. Meanwhile, much-beloved comic book icons including Superman and Batman have been given their own high-budget film franchises. With this level of cultural exposure, it’s hardly surprising that so many people have fallen in love with all things ‘geek’… including the costumes!

    Increasingly high numbers of people seek out sci-fi and superhero costumes for their fancy dress parties, and who can blame them? The escapism associated with the science fiction and superhero genres makes them ideal for themed costume parties.

    However, finding accurate, high-quality costumes isn’t always easy. If you want to indulge in a sci-fi or superhero-themed fancy dress outfit, it’s important to find a well-made one with the correct details. After all, for true sci-fi and superhero geeks, accuracy and faithfulness to the source material are vitally important. However, the smaller, subtler details of a fancy dress outfit can also turn it into a genuinely amazing costume that fully evokes the character it is designed to portray.

    Here at The Party Warehouse, we strive to ensure that all our costumes are high-quality, detailed and true to their source material. We currently offer Star Trek costumes (, Star Wars costumes ( and a full range of superhero outfits (

    You might be looking for a superlative reproduction of the Superman costume from ‘Man of Steel’ ( or an outfit that evokes everyone’s favourite sci-fi villain, Darth Vader ( Either way, we’ve got you covered.

    It can be hard to pull off the ‘geek chic’ look, particularly at a fancy dress party. You need to balance the accuracy and quality of your costume against its price. Luckily, we can help. Our costumes aren’t just gorgeously-designed, they’re also very affordable. We understand how important detail and quality can be for our adult costumes, especially when those costumes evoke geek culture icons. Take a look at the pages we’ve linked to in today’s blog entry and see for yourself. We promise that you’ll find something that suits you for a fair and reasonable price.

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