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Monthly Archives: January 2016

  • Be my valentine?

    It used to be that Valentine's Day was a celebration primarily marked in the US, but like Halloween it's quickly becoming one of the biggest events in the calender each year. As you're no doubt aware, we don't need much excuse for a party here at the Party Warehouse, and Valentine's Day ( is no exception.

    Children's party

    If you're a glutton for punishment and can cope with more than the mandatory birthday party each year for your kids, why not throw them a Valentine's Day party too? Older kids and teenagers might not be up for it, but little ones will love making cards, eating themed party food and playing fun games - they don't need an excuse!

    Why not send each child away with a heart shaped balloon (, in lieu of a party bag?

    Singles' party

    Lots of couples will be busy staring deeply into one another's eyes on the big day itself, but there are plenty of singletons out there feeling morose about being alone. Why not get all of your single pals together for a knees-up, to celebrate love in all its forms, including friendship?

    Buy in plenty of pink and red party supplies, plus wine and cake to drown your sorrows. Pop some romantic films on the TV and play spin the bottle!

    Party for two

    When you're in a relationship, the pressure is really on to make your celebrations together special - so go all-out on staying in! Restaurants can be crowded and overpriced on Valentine's Day, but a romantic night in is sure to go down a treat, especially if it's a surprise. Deck out the room with some fabulous balloons and banners, then whip up something special for dinner.

    If you're thinking of popping the question to someone special (and ladies, remember, it's a leap year!), a beautifully decorated and private dinner is the perfect way to do it this Valentine's Day.

    Valentine's party supplies

    Whether it's a soiree for two or 20, come to us for all your Valentine's Day party needs - from paper cups and balloons to banners and window decals.

  • Celebrate the love of friendship

    Valentine's Day can be such a cliché, and a bit of a non starter for those of us not happily entwined in couple-dom. But then again, platonic love for your friends is every bit as important as a romantic happy ending, so make sure everyone feels loved this year! Valentine's Day is the perfect excuse for a party! And if it’s the perfect excuse for a party then it’s an even better excuse for a fancy dress party… Whether you love Valentine's Day or hate it, choose to embrace it in style - go straight or make it tongue in cheek but make sure your costume gets you noticed. Here are a few suggestions.

    How about going classic and dressing up as one of the Ancient Greek or Roman Gods of love? We have some great costumes that don’t involve you running around in a panic the night before trying to fashion something from a sheet! Our costumes will give a touch of class and come complete with all the accessories to complete your look (of love!). Still on a godly theme, if you’re feeling very brave how about coming as a Cupid? It is a fairly easy costume to put together: you’ll need something to preserve your modesty, be that a dress or a loincloth, a pair of wings from our selection and a bow and arrow.

    You could think slightly outside the box and go for a summer of love style. Our 1960s tie dye dress would be absolutely perfect for this! Team it with a pair of knee high boots, statement jewellery and a floral hairband, plus a good deal of eyeliner and glitter. We have a great selection of outfits for guys too, with a groovy tie-dye costume or the groovy hippie outfit – loads to choose from.

    So there you are – with a bit of effort you can hold a fabulous celebration of love of the friendship kind – a few heart balloons, decorations and Valentine's themed party supplies and you have the perfect party just waiting to happen.

  • Planning A Baby Shower? Here are some tips!

    Announce the gender of your baby in an unforgettable way with our fantastic Baby Shower party tips!

    Baby shower parties have become increasingly popular in recent times, being the perfect opportunity to share your wonderful news with friends and family – and, with a wide range of party accessories available, including baby shower games and decorations, you can be confident of creating a magical event that you’ll treasure for years to come.

    But while one option is to choose pink or blue decorations to match the gender of your unborn baby, a new trend that is popular in the United States is to decorate your venue in white and to announce your infant’s sex to your loved ones during the baby shower – for the ultimate surprise.

    So for a picture perfect moment – make sure your guests have their cameras ready – try these inspirational ideas for how to announce whether your baby will be a boy or a girl:

    Say it with balloons

    Pre-order pink or blue balloons in time for your baby shower but, instead of using them to decorate your party venue, pack them into a box so they can’t be seen. At the moment of truth, take your guests outside and release the balloons from the box, to announce the gender of your baby. It’ll make a fantastic photo opportunity!

    Create a party food display

    A display of party food coloured pink or blue can be a wonderful way to surprise your guests, especially if it is hidden behind closed doors so that they only discover it at an unexpected moment. While food that is naturally blue is a little hard to come by, it’s easy to colour party food such as cupcakes and sweets and to create a visually stunning display, especially when accessorised with matching baby shower decorations such as tablecloths, balloons and tableware.

    Bake a baby gender cake

    Alternatively, bake a baby shower party cake for your event with sponge that is coloured either pink or blue, but cover it with white icing, so that the colour is only revealed at the moment you cut into it. It’ll delight your guests and offer a moment of genuine surprise!

    A baby shower can be given an exciting twist if you take the opportunity to surprise your guests when you announce the gender of your baby, so browse our website to see the full range of party supplies available for an unforgettable occasion.

    We have a wide range of baby shower party supplies available to help decorate your venue and welcome a new baby!

  • Frozen, because cool is hot!

    Christmas is just about behind us, so you can put away the Santa costumes at last, and look at your year ahead. Hopefully there are some things we can help you out with, here at The Party Warehouse, whether you need a fancy dress costume, party supplies, or a balloon display and our pick to start off the new year is Frozen.

    We want to help you get your celebration organised from start to finish, and we think we’ve got everything covered. Of course, if you think there’s something we’re missing, get in touch and let us know. If you want it, we’ll do our best to find it for you, at a great price. One of the hottest – pardon the pun – trends at the moment is Frozen, the Disney tale of two sisters who live in snowy Arendelle. A bit hit with children of all ages since its premiere in 2013, we’ve got plenty of party pieces to make your Frozen party a big hit.

    Start with the invitations – Frozen themed, of course. We’ve got those in stock. Just add the name of the party host, and the details of your party, and hand them out to your guests.

    Is it a fancy dress party? We’ve got that covered, too. We stock six different Frozen costumes, catering for would-be Annas and Elsas, no matter what their preferred style. We’ve even got the dress up shoes as well, to finish that costume perfectly.

    Fantastic Range of Frozen Party Supplies!

    Venue decoration is something we love. We can make you a brilliant balloon display in Frozen’s colour scheme, with helium filled foil balloons, traditional latex balloons, balloons in the shape of letters and numbers for spelling out words or ages, and modelling balloons for making fun shapes from. Banners, confetti, piñatas and flags are all in stock in a variety of designs. Check out our Supershape Frozen balloon, or our amazing Frozen Bubble balloon for something a bit special.

    Let’s consider the all important tea party. We can set you up with plastic Frozen cups, paper napkins, and disposable plates. We can even provide the Frozen themed tablecloth, decorated with Anna and Elsa’s happy faces.

    There’s no need to be 'cooled off' at party time! At The Party Warehouse, we’re all about having a good time, and we want to make sure that you have the best time you can when you come to The Party Warehouse for your party essentials.

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