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Balloon Display Catalog

Instructions for using our digital album

  • To navigate use the arrows on either side of the album
  • Click the first mouse button once to zoom in
  • Click the first mouse button again to zoom out
  • When zoomed in you can hold and drag the first mouse button to move across the page

All of our digital balloon displays are labelled 1 - 147. If you are interested in one of these displays or want some more information, give us a call take note of this number and we will do our best to assist you.

We have more of our balloon displays on our facebook page which you can view at

  • Many of the balloon bases have been suppled by customers which we have used to create our balloon designs. If you wish a present/basket/similar to be used as a base for your display bring this to one of our stores and we can discuss specific designs.
  • All of the designs used in our digital photo album can be modified to suit your particular event. So if you like something you see but don't think it is revelant to your occassion, speak to a memeber of our team to discuss your options!